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The Best in Automated-Recruiting
Bigger and Better Application Database
Over 50% of qualified applicants often do not have easy Internet access, but most do have a phone available all the time. This is why TurboHR’s offers automated phone and Internet interviews to job seekers 24 hours a day. Service can be provided in English and Spanish to provide maximum access to job seekers. “Knockout? type questions can be included in the interview to eliminate the applicants that do not meet minimum requirements. This pre-qualified Application Database can be excellent for seasonal hiring or when a new store opens.

Better applicant Pool = Better New Hires = Less Turnover.

Faster Hiring
With TurboHR, once an interview is submitted it is available via the Internet immediately. Automated emails can be sent to select management when an interview is received that matches certain criteria. This will allow you to react quickly when a high quality candidate is available. Within minutes, you can be talking to a quality, potential employee.

Easy for Job-Seekers
Ease-of-use is TurboHR´s top priority. Job seekers can submit an automated interview by phone or Internet 24 hours a day. The service is very friendly and easy to navigate. The service can be provided in English and Spanish. Applicants will automatically learn about the company and job they are applying for.

Easy for Management
Paperless Application makes the entire process easier and less expensive to manage. Applicant data is automatically sent to the Internet in real time and is automatically archived and indexed for easy retrieval. Report filters allow management to search for applicants that meet specific criteria and live close to the location that is hiring.

TurboHR will provide you real-time applicant data in a format that is fast and easy to use. Knock-out questions can exclude applicants who do not meet minimum requirements. Interviews can be automatically assigned to the closest region or location and interview data can automatically be emailed to those location(s). Interviews can be ranked according to preset criteria making it easier for management to decide which applicants to spend time with.

You may not have to advertise when you are looking for new employees because you will have a database of pre-qualified applicants to choose from. TurboHR also will automatically maintain an indexed email database that can be easily filtered. This will allow management to send out emails to qualified applicants when a job becomes available.

TurboHR automates much of the pre-interview and screening process so that management can spend valuable time focusing on best candidates. Applicants can automatically be linked to closest regions or location(s) making it easy to assign applicants to the locations that need them. There will be less turnover because you will be working with a bigger and better application database that allows for complete filtering to find the applicants that meet the specific qualifications of the available job. You will not waste valuable time with applicants that do not meet minimum requirements. Great for seasonal hiring or when a new store opens because you are processing interviews 24-hours a day by phone and Internet. Each advertisement will generate more applicants, therefore you can advertise less to receive the same amount of applicants.

Campaign Manager
Easily track the performance of hiring programs to identify which programs attract the specific type applicants you may be looking for. Easy to share applicant data between locations. Utilizing multiple toll-free numbers and or web site addresses it will be easy to know how an ad performs relative to amount of job seekers attracted, quality of these applications and amount of hires. You will quickly learn the best places to advertise depends upon the type applicant you are looking for. TurboHR will automatically let you know your Return on Investment of advertising dollars.

No IT requirements for your company
TurboHR takes care of everything including hosting the websites and toll free numbers. You just set the parameters and we take care of the rest. It is amazingly simple to use yet very powerful.
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  • TurboHR integrates Phone, Internet, Text and Real-time Communications to make automated recruiting affordable and effective.
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