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Providing IVR and Web Based solutions since 1996
Who developed TurboHR?
TurboHR is based in Orlando, Florida and is a division of Instant Evaluate, which has been providing IVR, and web based solutions since 1996. Clients include Major League Baseball, The National Football League, Tower Records, Fender Guitar, Fairwinds Credit Union, Security Management, The Topps Company, Fantastic Sams, Cookies by Design and many other large and small companies.

In addition to TurboHR, InstantEvaluate also provides store locator solutions under the brand name Instant Locate. This store locator technology can be of great value to TurboHR in regards to matching applicants to the closest Region or location(s) that may be hiring. TurboHR is designed to be easy to use for job seekers and management. Job seekers who take either a phone or Internet interview will find the service very friendly an easy to navigate. Management who will be utilizing the reports will find the site extremely intuitive and can usually be learned in less than 5 minutes.
  • auto-scheduler
    TurboHR can work in conjunction with Auto-Scheduler to automate the process of scheduling, confirming and reminding applicants about various career event types.
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  • TurboHR integrates Phone, Internet, Text and Real-time Communications to make automated recruiting affordable and effective.
  • A module of Instant Evaluate
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