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Branding and Company Introduction
As part of the interview process applicants will learn about the company and employment opportunities in a very compelling way. Applicants will understand benefits and minimum requirements before interview questioning starts.

Automated Pre-interview
TurboHR allows job seekers to access automated phone and Internet interviews 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Service can be provided in English and Spanish to provide maximum access to all job seekers.

Paperless Application
No more shuffling through paper application or data-entering applicant information. TurboHR automatically archives and organizes all interviews in an easy to use manner that is sent to the Internet in real-time. The data is indexed so it is easy to filter through applicant to find applicants most qualified and worthy of an actual interview.

Personal Voice Resumes
When a job seeker applies by phone a voice resume is created that is easily accessed within an email or from the website. Voice Resumes will allow you to actually here an applicant speak before deciding if you want to spend time with this person for an actual interview. For customer service related jobs how a person speaks can often be the most important criteria.

Resume Upload Online
Job seekers that take an internet interview will be able to upload a resume to supplement the interview they submit. The Resume upload is easy to use, both for the job seeker and management. Also, interviews that are submitted via the Internet will show all the text entered by the applicant providing information about how well the person writes.

Pre-Qualified Knock-Out Questions
Management can select certain interview criteria that will disqualify and applicant that does not meet he minimum standard. For example, if management requires a new hire be 18-years old an applicant that does not answer the age question accordingly is automatically be disqualified.

Candidate Ranking
Applicants can receive scores for how they answer certain questions to help rank candidates before scheduling actual interviews.

Advance Filtering (including proximity)
Easy to use Filters make it simple to find the right applicant for the right job. For example, A manager may ask to see only applicants that are within 20 miles of a store location and bilingual and experienced and willing to work midnight shift with a high school diploma. Within seconds management will be able to view and listen qualified applicants that are located in close proximity to the hiring location.

Email Alerts
The best job applicants do not last long, so every minute counts. Email Alerts can immediately notify select management when a certain type interview is submitted. These email alerts can include all applicant info including voice files, text responses, and a resume attachment.

Automated Exit Interviews
TurboHR makes it easier than ever for management to better understand why employees leave. Automated exit interviews can be administered via phone or Internet. Their comments are recorded and can be very valuable in evaluating the relationship of an employee at time of separation.

Employee Surveys
The Employee Surveys provided by TurboHR, can make it easier for management to understand departmental relationships and areas for improvement in their company. The surveys can be administered over the phone or Internet . Employee comments and survey responses can be sorted by department, providing valuable insight for comparison.

Feature Summary:
  • Interviews efficiently processed 24 hours a day, via telephone or Internet.
  • A large database of pre-qualified job-seekers.
  • Easy communication with all applicants and locations.
  • Access to interview data immediately on the Internet for powerful reporting.
  • Instant notification of new interviews with email alerts.
  • Inform potential applicants of your company (such as minimum requirements, benefits, general job descriptions, etc).
  • Match applicants to the closest location and forward that data immediate.
  • Spend more time with better potential new hires and less time with unqualified applicants.
  • auto-scheduler
    TurboHR can work in conjunction with Auto-Scheduler to automate the process of scheduling, confirming and reminding applicants about various career event types.
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  • TurboHR integrates Phone, Internet, Text and Real-time Communications to make automated recruiting affordable and effective.
  • A module of Instant Evaluate
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